Friday, August 7, 2009

44. Busting Makes Me Feel Good

This ep ain't gonna be up in the itunes no more so grab that shit here:

Hey everybody, So Rob had some work shit where he was out of town last weekend or something. Honestly I don't know for sure, but this week I'm going to be in New Orleans when we usually do the show. So, here is something we put in the can last month for just such an occasion . Our intense Ghostbusters Commentary. It features Rob & myself (as usual), Colin, Ang Yang, and mostly Greg (regular e-mailer, and big time GB fanatic). You will see the biggest proof of this when Dan Akroyd makes his entrance.

So, sync it up or just use your memory. If nothing else I feel it is extremely informative.

It doesn't seem to me like the glasses do anything. (Hammer Down Podcast) - Hammer Down Something Else Podcast - Hammer Down Something Else Podcast

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