Saturday, February 28, 2009

28. Wanda Perez Eats Sugarless Pudding

This episode is no longer availible in itunes but you can still download it at this link:

This weeks show we drink long island iced tea, read about Greg's experience at the world famous French Laundry, hear about how Mardi Gras can be annoying, talk about recreation nation, Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter 4, Synecdoche, NY, This American Life, the thing, a love of King Ralph, our chocolate tasting devolves into something like a jackass segment, and our oscar results before the news.

The list: 5 songs to listen to at the end of the world

The Review: an assortment of chocolates

Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt
Chipotle Chili Dark Chocolate
99% Cacao Dark Chocolate

The review ended with some taste endurance that resulted in the following photos:

Tasting the 99%

The 99% with lemon juice

The Quiet Before the Storm

The 99 & lemon reaction Rob

The Laugher 99 & lemon reaction

Wirshtishire & 99

The reaction

99 & Midori

The reaction

and I'll finish it all with a Loudon Wainwright III clip (Hammer Down Podcast) - Hammer Down Something Else Podcast - Hammer Down Something Else Podcast

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