Saturday, November 15, 2008

13. We've Been Spraught

This episode is no longer available in itunes so download it here:

In this weeks episode we record on the road, drink some strange brew, speak into various objects, read a list of awesomeness, talk sex movies that aren't porn, Brian Michael Bendis, Mother India, chris rock, and generally drink till we can't see straight. 

The List this week is: top 5 pet peeves

The Review this week is: Eat me: The Food and Philosophy of Kenny Shopsin

Here is Disasterpiece by Slipknot (it becomes clear during the show)

This Link will take you to Rob and Madlaugher's 
recipes to make Cracker's "Slutty Cakes" 
follow the instructions to "Mac and Cheese 
Pancakes" but replace the mac and cheese 
with equal parts peanut butter, and pumpkin 
that has been spiced in a way appropriate 
for pumpkin pie. (Hammer Down Podcast) - Hammer Down Something Else Podcast - Hammer Down Something Else Podcast

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