Saturday, August 16, 2008

1. The Journey Begins

This episode is no longer available in itunes so download it here:

This is the first episode of Hammer Down Something Else. In this episode we discuss drinking, puking, the olympics, race relations, tapping, and Cracker mentions his fear of going overtime too much.

We suspect that people may find it to have peaks and valleys in the audio, so be warned of that possibility. 

The list for this week is the Top 5 Buffy Episodes.

The Review was Watchmen

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1 comment:

Sophie said...

Ohnoes, no comments yet? That means...FIRST!

Also, I demand more cursing in future podcasts or it's false advertising.
Other than that, grats to youse blokes. ^-^

P.S. Hinty Thing: You might want to put your email in spamproof form somewhere on this page so people don't have to use archaic things like PENCILS and PAPER to write it down. Although, I guess you could just be bastards and not do that, purely out of spite.